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Video Month Featured Product: Millumin

Millumin is hands down the best live playback video software out there on the market. For years Playback Pro has dominated the market for pretty much all playback needs. Millumin is way easier to use and has way more features than Playback Pro.

Some of the features in version 2 are:

Sequence with states, transitions, and segmented timelines

Multi-screen, horizontal and vertical soft-edge

Adapt easily your video mapping, use the After Effects plugin

Send MIDI/OSC/DMX signals through a data track

Use LED mapping to convert your pixels into lights

Connect your devices & applications via Syphon and our dev-kit

Create interactions for TouchOSC, Kinect, Arduino, LeapMotion,

We have put this software to the ringer and have been nothing but impressed with the results. To download your trial version on their website. Link Here


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