How to pick the right AV company

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How to pick the right AV company

Almost every city has a local audio visual company, some better than others, but none the less they should have the equipment you are looking for.

With people traveling for business more and more and companies giving back to its employee’s audio visual equipment is growing at a phenomenal rate. Even class rooms need equipment now. Most museums have it; even hospitals use it for training. Screens, projectors (not you 5th grade math projector either), PA Systems and for conventions, well that’s a full production now days. Larger companies hold sales conferences for their employee’s. We are talking major hype, from the exhibit floors to the awards dinner. Full sound systems and lighting rigs come in. They offer huge screens and projectors that make you feel like you’re in an IMAX theater watching Titanic. It’s amazing what they can do.

Is it your special day are wedding bells ringing? You’re walking down the aisle and it’s amazing till you see the pictures. Lighting for the ceremony and the reception is a must! Make sure you add that to your budget, flowers are great but not if you can’t see them. Many brides don’t fathom that in when they should. A few lekos and the colors of your choice will turn you reception room into a fairy tale your girlfriends didn’t think to have at their wedding!

When in need of av equipment shop around, check with the local party rental shops or if you’re a bride or throwing the party of the year, ask the event planners in your area. They have more than likely worked with them or know someone who has. Ask for pictures of their work and remember cheapest isn’t always best. That old saying “you get what you pay for” is sometimes right unfortunately. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and give details of what you are looking for.

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